Outcome Harvesting


Carmen Wilson-Grau

My cross-cultural life experience, born in Guatemala and raised in The Netherlands, is at the root of my commitment to help people, so they too can realize their potential, by supporting social change organizations. Trained by my father, Ricardo Wilson-Grau, I have specialized during the past years in Outcome Harvesting methodology. I began as an associated consultant for mid-term or final evaluations applying Outcome Harvesting, then I worked with CARE Guatemala as Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist where I had the opportunity to coach in the use of OH as a planning, monitoring and evaluation tool and led Outcome Harvesting processes. Currently, I work as an independent consultant supporting organizations in the use of Outcome Harvesting, focused on both English and Spanish speaking countries.

Goele Scheers

Driven by my interest in understanding complex social change processes, I started to work with Outcome Mapping in 2005 in my position as PME Coordinator at the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC). In 2007, I met Ricardo Wilson-Grau and together we conducted an evaluation of the GPPAC network using elements of what later became known as Outcome Harvesting (OH). At the same time, I integrated the Outcome Harvesting approach in the monitoring system of the network and trained GPPAC members worldwide in its use. In my current position as consultant, I support organisations across the world in using Outcome Harvesting. I conduct OH evaluations, train people in using the approach and help them to set up their monitoring systems based on Outcome Harvesting.

Conny Hoitink

As outcome harvesting consultant, I advise on and implement the introduction of Outcome Harvesting for monitoring, evaluation and learning. Since 2004 when we both worked at Oxfam Novib, I have worked at regular intervals with Ricardo Wilson-Grau who introduced me to complexity thinking. In a time when result-based management was dominant, it was exiting to develop tools for dealing with uncertainty, rapid change and dissent, and applying these in grantmaking and strategy development. This laid the foundation for my later engagement with Outcome Harvesting. I lived in India, Mali and Zambia, now based in the Netherlands, working as an advisor, facilitator and trainer on strengthening civil society, organisation development, grantmaking, monitoring, evaluation and learning, mostly in rural Africa and India.