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- Outcome Harvesting, principles, steps and evaluation applications, Ricardo Wilson-Grau, 2018,  230 pages. Published by Information Age Publishing (IAP)

Outcome Harvesting, Ricardo Wilson-Grau and Heather Britt and published by the Ford Foundation MENA region, May 2012 and updated in November 2013. This briefing paper explains in 27 pages the approach and its six steps.

- Outcome Harvesting in a page, written by Ricardo Wilson-Grau, 2015.

- What is Outcome Harvesting? Video of Ricardo Wilson-Grau (Sept 2014) explaining the essence of the Outcome Harvesting approach to the Outcome Mapping Learning Community (< 3 minutes).

- Traditional versus an Outcome Harvesting Evaluation, comparing and contrasting the main highlights of both modes of evaluation, written by Ricardo Wilson-Grau, 2016.

- SMART M&E of Outcomes, guidance on formulating outcomes by Ricardo Wilson-Grau.

- Tool for calculating clock and calendar time for an Outcome Harvest. Ricardo Wilson-Grau’s suggestions on how to calculate a time budget for an Outcome Harvest.

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