What do you do when change is so much that original plans are no longer useful?

This platform supports a community of practitioners of Outcome Harvesting. Since 2002 until his passing in December 2018, Ricardo Wilson-Grau developed this alternative approach to conventional monitoring and evaluation working with numerous colleagues as co-evaluators and primary intended users. It is intended to serve the needs of the managers, donors and evaluators of innovative interventions attempting to solve intractable problems or new, unexpected challenges in development and social change.

How do you learn from your experience when faced with complexity?

Outcome Harvesting has proven especially useful for understanding the achievements of hundreds of civil society and governmental projects, programmes and organisations in over 140 countries on all seven continents, coping with considerable uncertainty and a substantially dynamic environment.

As four co-evaluators of Ricardo, we wish to facilitate the continued practice and further development of Outcome Harvesting. We hope that through this platform the lessons being learned world-wide about how to adapt Outcome Harvesting will be shared, challenged and advanced. Please join our forum if you would like to participate.

Carmen Wilson-Grau, Goele Scheers, Conny Hoitink